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Continuous refactoring, wildfire and possible remedies

Let me first preface this by saying that the content of this post is just an inference of my experiences as a software developer. I’m not trying to preach, insult or convince of anything anyone here. Take it as a just a point of view. Nothing else. You’ve probably heard about the term “Continuous refactoring” or Opportunistic refactoring mixed ... Read more

.NET - Dynamically generating classes in runtime

Reflection API in .NET is one of the most powerful and incredible features of it. And along with DLR it enables a whole new look at what can be done in .NET languages. One of problems i had to solve recently was how to create a unified DSL for queries that could be used with most C# DB drivers(they had to have IQueryable support). It turned out ... Read more

WPF - Custom UserControl datacontext binding gotcha

Creating custom user controls in WPF and as well as fully supporting MVVM with binding is a pretty straightforward process, but there are a couple of things that, at a first glance, look like they should work but they’re not. At least for me. One of those things is when you bind DataContext to code behind, or to Self. A simple custom user contr... Read more